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Why QVista Queue Systems?

-Are you unable to Monitor the Performance of a Branch located in a distant Location?
-Are you unable to create a unique customer experience which can be your competitive edge?
-Are you having tempered customers in waiting areas ?

Facing similar issues like :

-Increased Customer waiting time ?
-Increased Employee idle time ?
-Frustrated Customers due to unfair serving?

Can they be right ? Well, to tell the truth, Customers dislike waiting in long queues. When they feel to be waiting long at your firm for service, they will either leave or not come back to you when they need service again. As a result , an organization with less customers will cause its costs to go higher.


Now, you have come to right place as we can help you solve this problem !

QVista Queue Systems is a complete Customer Experience platform which is designed to set you apart from your competitors. Monitor real-time branch Analytics with QVista’s Web based Reporting Tool .

QVista is designed to help you create a modern service environment where customers can enjoy a pleasing experience which result into customer satisfaction, This is followed by increasing loyalty to your brand. Combined with the real-time Customer Satisfaction Survey Devices, Qvista Queue Systems provides a range of touch points that is designed to set you apart from the competition.

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