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Main Queue Management System Control Software Pack – Network Release –

Qvista.Net is not only a software which queue people in proper way, but far more than that.
It is an easy, hassle-free, user friendly interfaced software by which enterprises can;

  • Save costs,
  • Make further decisions for their business ,
  • Monitor and supervise their employees,
  • Measure effectiveness of whole enterprise or individuals
  • Learn what their customers think about their service and so on.

Main Features:

  • Developed under latest technologies like .Net Framework 4.0 and Click Once Deploy Environment
  • Easy installation and release updates automatically
  • Multilanguage support ( Arabic, English )
  • Capable of fully managing multiple branches from Headquarters
  • Customer segmentation support
  • Detailed reporting on both branch and headquarters
  • Support mobile ticketing from a web site or a mobile device before going to branch
  • Real Time Monitoring of Branches
  • Digital Signage Management with Central Application from Headquarters

Installation and Updates:

  • Easy installation through web browser
  • All applications are cabaple of checking new version and updates at application start automatically
  • New updates can be deployed easily through central web server automatically

Branch Management :

  • Defined Branches can be assigned to one or more groups for efficient management and reporting
  • Each branch can be directly be accessed through central management application. Any setting can be customized remotely.

Customer Segmentation Support Through :

  • Card Prefixes
  • Central Database Queries
  • Web Services

Profile Support:

  • Allows fast distribution of new settings like Kiosk Screen Designs, Ticket Designs, Service Configurations and Macros
  • Whole profile or some of its settings can be applied
  • Branch or Group Selection is available for management purposes

Instantaneous Branch Statistics (Real Time Monitoring) :

  • All branch statistics can be collected through services or terminals
  • Alert support if critical values are occured
  • Auto refresh
  • All information columns have its own filter setting, so statistics screen can be customized.
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