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Check The Service Times In Your Hands

Check the service times in your hands

With our new generation technology-supported services, you can move your quality understanding to higher levels in customer satisfaction. Qsystem devices, which we offer in accordance with different needs and spaces, ensure that customer waiting times are brought to the best levels. It is the right equipment to perform an effective staff performance measurement, maintenance-free and long-lasting.

You can meet customer demands in queue management …

Do you want to keep your visitors in less crowded areas, public institutions or offices where different services are provided together? With our patient flow management solutions we offer a unique service experience. In addition to meeting the increasing demand in health institutions

, systems that allow the collection of preliminary information about the patient can be tailored to the needs.

  Qmagic designs are used to ensure that visitors are required to receive services in order, or that private customers are entitled to the specified benefits, ensuring that customer expectations are best met. In addition to relieving the row density, the systems that provide the flow of the given service in an order draw attention with its ease of use. With the terminals placed in an area where everyone can see the entrance to the venue, the process requests can be placed in a certain order.

Do your Daily Business Plan in accordance with Incoming Requests!

Consoles with a decorative appearance, LED screens can be used comfortably by everyone. You can also get support from technology for accurate evaluation of daily demands and efficient evaluation of visitor traffic. At the same time, the information of the person who requests service with the qmagic software that manages the communication traffic is reflected on the screen. From this point of view, a serious time saving system is also important in terms of eliminating problems that may arise between customers or patients.

Our products, which have advanced traffic regulation software, are well equipped to meet special demands in different sectors. Devices that enable the daily needs to be met efficiently can be customized with additional accessories. Just as well as a controlled waiting time, the products are ideal for measuring staff productivity. The workflow plan can be changed momentarily by means of systems which determine how much service demand is coming in the field.

Which product is suitable for your needs?

We can determine your kiosk needs to bring you to the quality that will separate you from your competitors. You can choose between queue systems, customer feedback devices and thermal printers, and you can immediately begin to notice the benefits you will experience in the workflow. Card readers, number entry or models to be enriched with barcode readers will help you catch up with the standards of the age.

With QMAGIC products with a wide range of products, you can start using the product that suits your needs and budget. Thanks to the models designed according to the institution, you can increase the energy of the environment and maximize the motivation of your employees. By making the right choice, you can ensure that your patients and visitors can make trouble-free use and make a successful data transfer.

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