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Use Real-Time Reports For A Good Planning

Use Real-Time Reports for a Good Planning

Hospitals, health care institutions and companies in different sectors with the use of sorting, customer satisfaction can maximize. Products with ease of use can be designed according to the corporate identity. Time-saving patient flow management systems for patient and patient relatives also help to make the necessary preparations in the background. Thanks to the dashboards, the units that can be used comfortably in large areas enable the visitor and the organization to gather information about the operations.

Successful Information Transfer Saves You Life!

Qsystem technologies, which enable successful transfer of information, run fast. Thanks to the systems on which various functions can be added, visitors can learn the time needed for their operations. In the institutions providing services in different areas, users provide information about the process they want to do on the system and in the short term, provide the data flow for the personnel work plan to be done correctly. The first communication with the visitors, the machines represent the understanding of quality service with their LED displays, stylish designs, institutional features and useful interfaces.

The devices used to meet the increasing demand in places where intensive workflow is experienced or in certain periods, ensure the correct management of the traffic generated. New generation solutions that are supported by technology are also effective in directing people to the right service unit. In a spacious environment and with a contemporary approach, visitors waiting for their services can wait in different places to follow their business. Arrays which are indispensable not only for customers but also for corporate managers and employees can be used in accordance with changing customer expectations.

The Importance of Device Selection Compatible with Institution Structure

Considering the size, corporate structure and needs of the kiosk, our experienced teams make recommendations in accordance with customer needs. Transactions which can be revised by periodically authorized persons are renewed by taking into consideration periodic alternatives. Thanks to the software that enables the monitoring of the workload according to the demand, the managers can take the necessary measures without delay. Matters offering a contemporary working environment can be evaluated to be active in the service counter that is appropriate to the number of chips.

For each staff; Qmagic units can be used to access real information such as a number of transactions and average processing time. In particular

, systems that provide a fair evaluation in performance measurement can provide separate monitoring facilities as branches and headquarters. Management personnel taking measures based on real data while planning personnel provide satisfaction in the working environment and they gain satisfaction in the eyes of the customer.

Special Services for Multi-Branch Institutions

The data obtained can be controlled separately from the head office and branches. Qmagic systems that allow evaluation of all kinds of demands reveal the importance of planning. Our services, which provide efficiency by offering quality and reliable products to users, are maintained with a focus on 0 customer expectations. Our queue systems show that a new era has started in more than 7000 applications in more than 30 countries. You can also use our services to communicate effectively with your customers.

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