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Qvista In Determining Corporate Strategies

Qvista in Determining Corporate Strategies

Qvista, which is used as feedback system, queuing system and kiosk in various facilities, offers customer oriented solutions to your company with its experience of more than 30 years. The system has many features.

Qvista Features

These include;

* Providing valuable and quality products

* Provide reliability with timely and professional after-sale services

* To obtain 100% customer satisfaction by placing orders in waiting areas

* Online and on-site customer support for all partners

* Competitive prices and direct sales prices as first step manufacturer

* Real-time reports for better integrated planning

* Efficiency with tools that give managers better control

* Communication with all customers on different platforms

* Provides monitoring for real-time monitoring of branches.

Patient Experience Management

An effective business in every institution creates efficient works. In health institutions, it brings more health. Systems can operate efficiently with integrated programs. In this area, qsystem is the solution center in the field of health.

Schedules staff, appointments, resources, patient interactions. With the solutions offered, all operations work in harmony. In this way, all resources for the benefit of both staff and patients can be used in a harmonious and efficient manner.

The appointment scheduling module allows complex procedures to be booked more easily and quickly. The system meets all business requirements.

A wide range of tools are available to take all transactions offline

, from reception to discharge. Different workflows are synchronized for a seamless patient experience. This prevents incorrect routing and errors.

This also prevents patients from leaving the queue during the procedure. The complexity of medical procedures is successfully concealed with patient flow management, which allows use to focus on practical and user interactions.

Interactive Kiosk

Integrated systems in different institutions accelerate the work flow and enable customers to reach the service they demand much faster. One of the devices that can be used in this field is interactive kiosk devices. These systems and devices will allow your customers to see how little they should wait while trading.

Optional Kiosks have a 10-inch larger screen than the traditional Votebook. The LED illuminated product has its own pedestal. The features of Elective Kiosks include the following headings.

* Records the opinions in the field of service quality adequacy.

* They can be defined as touch screen computers that can be used by staff and customers.

* Services may be requested to evaluate the individual’s services during the presentation.

* Answers are reported to the host via wireless network.

* There are criteria from different reporting types.

* Asks questions for measuring customer satisfaction.

* The preferences of the customers are determined according to the answers given. In this way, corporate strategies in the field of new products or services are obtained more clearly. The results obtained are realistic values.

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