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Qvista Software Integrated Into Work Processes

Qvista Software Integrated into Work Processes

The integrated software provides more efficient systems with technological devices. In institutions such as banks, bill payment points and restaurants, the system starts with the person entering the system. The individual can receive service if the system is empty at that moment. If it’s not empty, he’il have to wait. The system waits until it is empty. In particular, extended queues mean that customers spend as much time as possible. This causes customers who are not satisfied with the given system to shift to alternative institutions over time. Qvista software, which will provide a practical and organized management in your company, allows your customers to reach the services they demand by waiting very little. Customers who know how long to wait can use their time more efficiently.

  More than just putting people right

  The system allows you to save money while providing greater profitability for businesses. In addition to monitoring your employees in a more planned and programmed way, qsystem is very successful in controlling. One of the most important advantages of the system, where you can measure the effectiveness of individuals and the whole business, is the opportunity to find out what your customers think about you. The system has many features. Net Framework 4.0 needs in the main features. Updates are provided automatically except the environment is installed only once. Multi-language support. Besides

, customer segmentation support is very important. Detailed reports can be made on both the headquarters and the branch. Instant reporting allows you to provide more accurate guidance about the operating system.

  Queuing System in Hospitals

  Many hospitals in our country are using classical methods instead of solving the queuing system with technological and scientific opportunities. In these classical methods, the number of patients that can be examined in the outpatient clinics in a day is determined without an analytical basis.

During working hours, the patient is given a sequence number. Patients may have to come to the hospital very early. Overcrowding can cause confluence. All these confusions can be overcome with the use of kiosks. Accumulation of patients in the tail can be prevented in this way.

It is ensured that patients make an appointment at the polyclinics of their choice without the need of assistants. Systems that provide full integration with appointment systems can create a more organized environment within the hospital in terms of management. With this system, personal initiatives and privileged behaviors are prevented.

In this way, patient flow management software can be integrated with different devices. In this way, a modern hospital vision is provided. All hospital processes are supported. It is possible to access all automation systems and processes through a single management program.

  Patients Staying in Hospital Decreases

Completion of the patients’ registration within a very short period of time shortens the time they spend in the hospital. This enables more efficient use of service periods and increases service quality. There is also the right to choose a physician in these systems. In institutions with more than one physician, patients can choose the physician of their choice. With the time limiter applied in the processing time, queue waiting is prevented.

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