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Serve Your Customers In The Layout You Specify

Serve Your Customers in the Layout You Specify

In order to provide quality service to your customers in the order you set, you can make a difference by choosing the qsystem that is compatible with your corporate identity. You can give your visitors information about the time required for the service they want to receive while distributing a sequence number. By taking the demands, you can implement the necessary task changes in the background thanks to devices that provide effective data communication. You can contact our experienced teams in order to benefit from our high-quality services which are evaluated as a whole.

Provide Customer Satisfaction Over Expectations

With a number of worries, you can ensure satisfaction by building trust on customers who come to your organization. Patient flow management makes a difference for those who want to provide operational efficiency. The service duration is shortened, accompanied by analyzes performed in accordance with the request entered or the previous history of the patient. You can move your business to the future with technologies that make a difference for organizations that want to manage customer relations successfully.

Qmagic software, which has the ability to prioritize the transactions of the customers who are waiting for a lot of work due to their intensity, enables the evaluation of employee and manager performance from the centre. Systems that provide fair data usage in the determination of personnel with low performance make it easier to identify the periods that require additional staff. The system, which can evaluate the days and hours with low density, arranges online appointment requests accordingly. Technologies that have life-saving importance in various sectors and especially in health institutions determine a fair and controlled waiting period.

Efficient Planning and Efficient Service

Qmagic devices that allow the real data to be evaluated for effective planning are suitable for shaping the system according to the supply and demand. In this way, it is ensured that the institution shapes the service method according to demand in a living way. Systems that eliminate sorting problems help to use the information they receive in the background. When the number of customers comes to the counter, they will be informed about the services they will receive.

The service flow is achieved in the desired way thanks to the systems that bring various advantages from the first moment of use. LED screens

, which each visitor can use in a simple way, are available in different languages. Thanks to the measures to increase customer loyalty, you can always place yourself as a preferred company. The confidence in the systems that allows the sorting process to be done easily without external intervention is highly developed.

Devices Supporting Special Needs

Choosing the kiosk that supports the special needs of the organization, you can make voice announcements or give the message you want during the welcome. You can make mutual and real-time calls with interactive panels, and get customer requests instantly.

Our teams are always working to provide quality service to our customers, after-sales demands are also met with professional staff. Thanks to systems that enable monitoring of branches for good planning, you can also have stronger management with less effort. You can contact our teams in order to evaluate aesthetically relevant device alternatives.


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