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How To Ensure Customer Satisfaction In Waiting Areas

How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction in Waiting Areas

Corporate identity can be strengthened with qvista products that create customer satisfaction in waiting areas. Devices that are extremely useful for business development and acquisition of new customers can be used for different sectors. With interactive kiosks, you can contact the customers coming to your visit and have detailed information about their expectations.
Reliable Solutions in After Sales Services
Reliable solutions can be produced in after-sales services with qvista modules providing on-site and online support. 0 Waiting time, process preparations, personnel productivity and daily work plan can be remotely controlled by feedback devices that should be commissioned for customer satisfaction. With this feature, dealership systems are fully audited. Customer-specific preparations are extremely important in terms of shortening and customization of the processing time.
Devices that enable businesses to advertise and promote at low budgets can be designed in different ways to suit the location. The foundations of an uninterrupted and strong communication are laid thanks to the systems in which the advertising works, which cannot be denied importance, are supported by the latest technologies in order to achieve the targets determined by the enterprises. The most effective results can be reached in a short time with the help of the software that will be made specially for the institution.
Manage Your Business with Instant Feedbacks!
Get the chance to manage your business more successfully with instant feedback from visitors. Systems that provide the first information to the customers about the transaction they want to do are the most important help in organizing the works in the back office. An efficient daily plan can be made with systems that are of great importance in order to meet expectations fully and quickly.
Updates based on negative feedback from customers are used to prevent losses in the short term. In the light of information from existing customers

, new customers can be gained without advertising based on a successful business. Successful performances that will spread from ear to ear can also be considered as advertising and promotional activities.
Free Consultation Service
Kiosk models to be selected in accordance with customer and sector dynamics provide free consultancy services. Necessary measures are taken without loss of time in the presence of analyzes that provide defining aspects of the enterprise. Corporate companies remotely;

* For employees
* For customers and
* Efficiency is maximized thanks to the systems it collects information for business development goals.
Systems that provide feedback through different channels collect information for the service received and provide information flow to the management about expectations. Costs can be reduced and staff productivity can be ensured by requests received by e-mail, SMS, web or in-app surveys. In the customer surveys, the stands are designed with the answers to the questions and the user’s request to participate is supported.
Business plans can be renewed with patient flow management services that enable instant monitoring of all data on a single screen. Devices that contribute to the development of businesses can be designed in different colors and sizes in accordance with corporate identity. With the help of innovative software solutions, the expectations of today’s customers can be fully met.

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