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Create A Spacious And Contemporary Waiting Area For Your Customers

Create a Spacious and Contemporary Waiting Area for Your Customers

Given the importance of service quality for the organization, the importance of receiving support from advanced technologies becomes apparent. You can access all kinds of preliminary data accurately about your customers who will encounter an easy, up-to-date and fair qsystem for ordering transactions. Systems that provide a comfortable environment not only for patients or visitors but also for employees can be considered as the most popular corporate support staff recently.

Customers get answers to their questions …

One of the most important performance criteria is to minimize customer waiting time in crowded workplaces, government offices, banks and health institutions. Patient flow management systems, which offer users the opportunity to better evaluate their time rather than waiting in front of the counter, also save time and labor in services requiring follow-up. Systems that create significant advantages for both users and service providers are indispensable representatives of modern service concept.

From the aesthetic point of view, you can choose the most suitable one among our wide range of products that meet the corporate needs with our teams. Programs that can be revised as required by the authorized person or persons are shaped according to the periodical needs. Performance measurement can be done with qmagic systems which can also be used to reduce personnel workload. Motivation in work environments can be maximized with systems that enable revision of work flow as well as task changes.

How to Reduce Average Waiting Times?

Quality in corporate service can be measured by how little time a customer spends in the space. Thanks to the systems that transfer data to both the visitor and the staff, employees can address the customer who comes to the reception desk by name. Thanks to qmagic systems used in the field of health, a complete treatment plan can be made in accordance with the patient’s past history. Periodically increasing demands can be met in the light of the information that allows the employee to be adjusted according to the number of receipts received from the terminal.

Thanks to the appropriate accessories and equipment, they can also be used in different ways

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, with ease of use and multi-language features. Reports can be used efficiently for personnel planning, where managers can analyze the transaction speeds of employees in their branches. Vouchers that inform visitors about how long they should wait in relation to the transaction they want to take can prevent unnecessary occupation of staff. Efficiency can be improved through systems that provide managers with control and the opportunity to make good use of time.

Assurance of Service Quality in Multi-Branch Institutions …

Our kiosk services, which offer special solutions for multi-branch institutions, enable the information to be followed at the headquarters level. Reports that can be received between two dates can be evaluated monthly, periodically or on a personal basis. Our services, which provide the greatest support for the companies that want to look to the future with confidence, to gain customer satisfaction and to reach the highest level in personnel productivity, provide 0 customer satisfaction with interactive usage feature. Our way of working, which makes a difference with pre-sale and after-sale services, is carried out without interruption with on-site and online support.

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