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What To Consider When Choosing Sequential

What to Consider When Choosing Sequential

You can update your understanding of service with qvista devices that provide the necessary information for users to have a smooth experience. You can take a step ahead of your competitors by informing your visitors completely and quickly with a corporate design.

Current Technologies in Interactive Systems

You can transfer your corporate identity to the other party in an eye-catching manner with devices that are as fast as robust. Qsystem technologies, which are the first representative your visitors will encounter when they enter your institution, also help to regulate heavy business traffic.

Measurements and analyzes that enable pre-made workflows to be managed in different ways ensure that customer expectations are optimally met. Sequential devices that regulate heavy traffic are also effective in guiding visitors to the right unit. This creates peace of mind in crowded environments, and creates more efficient work in less time with technologies that create a positive impact on both staff and customers.

Workflow Feedback Panels

Feedback panels, which provide control of the work done, ensure that the failures are seen especially by the managers. Systems that are effective in remote control of branch offices as well as in-house controls provide cost advantage by measuring personnel productivity.

From the aesthetic point of view, devices that are compatible with the corporate identity can be designed in different ways in accordance with indoor and outdoor spaces. With the LCD TV units mounted on the wall or counter, it can be made enjoyable and easy to get back from the service provided.

The information, which can be revised by authorized persons, can be changed in accordance with the demand by evaluating with analysis and reporting data. Thanks to the welcome screen that allows personalization of services, customers are informed about the time they will wait to receive service. This is also used to prepare for the customer in the back office.

Advanced kiosk systems, which prevent loss of time, are preferred to streamline the flow of business in periodic intensity.

Last Point in Personnel Productivity Measurements

Systems that reduce the workload on personnel also provide information flow for measuring personnel productivity. With the help of devices that measure the daily number of jobs per employee, processing times and satisfaction, the missing trainings, if any, are also completed.

Devices that can measure workplace performance through PCs, tablets or smartphones can be considered as a monitoring mechanism, especially for organizations with multiple branches. Patient flow management applications, which offer advanced recommendations for multi-branch institutions, are also used for personnel planning during leave periods.

User-oriented feedbacks can be obtained for the service, which is accompanied by technologies that enable customer-oriented solutions to be clearly communicated to the consumer. Systems that provide an interactive bond with the customer act as a stimulus to improve overlooked details.

Products widely used in our country and in the world; It can be used effectively in a wide range from central management to voice announcements, from reporting to customer feedback.

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