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How To Streamline Traffic In Institutions With Heavy Workflow

How to Streamline Traffic in Institutions with Heavy Workflow

Qvista technologies can be introduced to regulate the traffic in institutions or enterprises where the intensive work tempo continues throughout the day. Systems receiving support from current technologies; not only directs visitors to the right unit, it also ensures that transactions are carried out in a comfortable environment. Customers can also wait for their turn to be accompanied by sequence numbers, without standing or standing in the crowd. The new generation of contemporary hierarchies can be designed to suit corporate needs.

  What are the Advantages of the System?

The customizable qsystem software allows you to make changes to the workflow with the custom settings menu. Different designs suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Stylish, ergonomic and durable. With the technological infrastructure system, the devices put into the service of the users of all ages and segments are the first place where the companies meet the customers.

* User-friendly interface

* Fast and easy to use devices, the focus of uninterrupted services.

In case of failure, the warning system ensures that the quality of service is maintained completely. Remote manageable systems bring visual richness and a flexible working structure where it is used. The devices, which have a regular and simple sorting system, support the ordering in the place at all times. The devices, which are used in different sectors and compatible with all kinds of decoration, are compatible with the corporate identity in order not to create a crowded and complex environment at the entrance.

  Unusual Technologies

Kiosk models, which are the most familiar touch devices, can be selected specifically for the needs of the workplace. Products with different color and size options can be used to maintain effective communication with consumers and customers. Customers who are familiar with the order of the transaction can evaluate the advertisements, campaigns and special offers on the system in order to have a quality time. Devices that work in harmony with each other; it tells the customers how long to wait and the staff part provides the transaction information about the customer. Performance-based reports that can be monitored independently of the platform are used to make the working system more efficient. With this feature, systems that control multiple branches from a single source are integrated with smart devices. The arrangements to be made by the automation system in accordance with the incoming demand are representative of the quality service in the workplaces where the limited personnel work.

  Serve Your Customers Within the Framework of Your Order …

Patient flow management devices that provide staff referrals while distributing queue numbers to customers;

* Increases customer satisfaction

* Improves operational performance and

* Increases productivity with low costs.

The technologies used to improve the quality of customer relations can be updated to suit the needs. Systems that work in harmony with smart devices can be used with specially designed applications for those who want to make appointments without leaving home.

Systems that support the establishment of a fair and equitable service in any environment where it is used can also be evaluated for personnel productivity. Systems that determine the situations in which additional personnel are required and enable managers to find solutions in this respect can be listed among the indispensable assistants of today’s retailing and service sector.

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