Efficiency With Qvista

Efficiency with Qvista

Thanks to the technological structure developed, qvista is used effectively in different institutions and organizations. Controlled and just waiting process is among the most important advantages of the system. Preventing the queuing problem in hospitals systematically provides the opportunity to…

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Where Are The Qsystems Used

Where are the qsystems used

Qvista systems, which are used in institutions and workplaces where there is a high customer potential, prevent personnel-related problems. It is ensured that visitors have sufficient information with the services offered with paper tickets or indicators. At the same time,…

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Root Experience With Qvista

Root Experience with Qvista

Qvista, it is an experienced engineering firm providing engineering major innovations in the field since 1980 in Turkey. Companies, especially Turkey since 1980 and has served in different countries, especially in software. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates…

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