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Qvista For Efficient Work Solutions

Qvista for Efficient Work Solutions

Customer satisfaction is very important for a corporate company. It is necessary to use the right system in order to support the working process efficiently. In this respect, qsystem, which will provide advantages to your company in every sense, enables you to manage your system in a more professional way.

Qvista Dry System

This queue system, where you can monitor branch performances in remote locations, offers a unique customer experience. This system will increase your work efficiency if you have cautious customers in waiting areas.

Increasing customer waiting times, increasing employee idle times, and customers who feel confronted with unfair services in hospitals, banks and other institutions may cause continuous complaints.

The system provides insight and solutions in customer flows. This allows your company to perform branch analysis in real time. Customer intelligence can be followed dynamically. A complete customer experience platform

, the Qvista system will add value to your company.

Where is Qvista used?

Telecom service centers, banks, health centers, government agencies, immigration offices, retail outlets, embassies, airline offices can be used in all areas such as. In such workspaces, customers need to take turns in order to make transactions. Even for this, it may be necessary to line up.

The longer the waiting times, the less likely it is for customers to receive the same service again. Therefore, using the right system will be the ones that will provide job efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Kiosk Types

Wall-mounted kiosk models are used for safety precautions and when space is limited to place them on the floor. It has sharp intersecting plane surfaces. Resistive touch screen. It offers services with 15 or 17 inch tilt monitors. This compact model is used in the XP operating system.

The model called Güneşli Büfe has a convex front surface. Reinforced with aluminum protective profiles. It has a 17 and 19 inch vertical monitor. Up-to-date desktop PC hardware is available and it is possible to use a magnetic card reader as an option.
The Star Lux Kiosk has a round surface.

The front surface has an interchangeable panel for graphic ads. The 12, 19, 22 inch vertical monitor can be preferred. 2 thermal printers are available and come with the latest desktop PC hardware. It can work as an operating system integrated with XP and above systems. In terms of design and function, there are many different models that are specific to their application.

Use of the System in Hospitals

Providing complete transparency and overview within hospital units, management ensures successful management for both healthcare professionals and patients. Patient flow management system can be used for this. This system provides a real comprehensive solution for hospital management, from optimizing resource utilization across hospital units. This makes better hospital-wide decisions.

The dynamic communication between the departments provides convenience in patient care, which has become the standard. Better care is provided when predefined treatment plans are implemented. In general, the patient is in the focus of the system and a calm care environment is achieved.

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