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Where Are The Qsystems Used

Where are the qsystems used

Qvista systems, which are used in institutions and workplaces where there is a high customer potential, prevent personnel-related problems. It is ensured that visitors have sufficient information with the services offered with paper tickets or indicators. At the same time, reporting and analysis measurements can be made with devices that enable mutual communication.

  Customers Don’t Have to Wait!

There is a heavy business traffic; post office, bank, notary public, health institution, municipality and public service areas. Qsystem devices, the first corporate resource to meet visitors

, can be selected according to need. The models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The first information received from the customer is evaluated in the background and necessary preparations are made for a quality service.  The devices, which also provide an advantage in personnel productivity, make it easier for visitors to be addressed by name and to receive preliminary information about the work to be done. On certain days when certain demands increase periodically, managers can revise the workings of the personnel and prevent the intensity of the environment. The preparation process in particular; supports the personal service of customers in health institutions and banks.


 What are the Advantages of Sequential Devices?

  The support of emerging technologies is supported by mobile applications. Bank customers can get a queue number without leaving home and have less time to process.

* Time-saving and

* Applications that provide faster end of transactions are worth saving at the busy pace of daily life.

The kiosk models informing the back office about who you are and which transaction you request, indicating how long it will arrive to you according to branch density and the estimated time of the order. The devices we are used to see in recent days; It is used as payment process, ticket purchase, digital media design, visitor reception and registration system.

  Customer Oriented Solutions

Feedback devices provide an objective assessment of customer expectations and focus on quality service through short surveys. It is requested to measure the value presented with the panels installed in the area where the service is provided. It is aimed to increase the living conditions and service quality within the area with these practices, which are frequently seen in shopping malls.

Interactive kiosks can be used to conduct face-to-face meetings with visitors as well as online surveys. Patient flow management technologies that add value to the organization with quality products can be used for pre-sale and post-sale services.

The devices that distribute 0 customer satisfaction and a fair system in the waiting areas protect the rights of the visitors with a special status due to their loyalty programs.

Management controls can be made more efficient with the systems that will provide the necessary reporting and analysis for effective planning. Devices that provide the ability to intervene externally in service quality in branch offices are also used for real-time job tracking.

Queuing systems provide competitive advantage for companies and a unique experience for customers, leading the way in the efficient evaluation of waiting times.

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